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polygonnftgames| Beijing joint office epark (Huayuan Road Community) was selected as a typical case of urban renewal

On January 14, the 7th Urban Renewal Summit and the 2023 Annual meeting of the Urban Renewal Branch of the all-Union Real Estate Chamber of Commerce was successfully held in Minhang, Shanghai. The summit is hosted by the Urban Renewal Branch of the all-Union Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, which aims to showcase China's urban renewal.PolygonnftgamesInnovative thinking and solutions.

At this summit, epark (Garden Road Community) broke through from many solicitation projects and was selected as the "typical case of Urban Renewal and existing Building renovation in China in 2023", providing examples and samples for the further promotion of urban renewal and existing building renovation.

Epark (Garden Road Community) is located at No. 25 Huayuan North Road, Haidian District, Beijing, formerly known as the national brand Arctic Ocean soda factory. With the development of the times, the former site gradually declined and became idle space. In the context of Beijing's urban renewal era, epark joined hands with the Arctic Ocean to build epark (Garden Road Community) on its former site, which will revive the old factory site in 2020.

polygonnftgames| Beijing joint office epark (Huayuan Road Community) was selected as a typical case of urban renewal

"making space connection infinitely possible" is the brand mission of epark, and we hope that space design itself can become a force of connection.

In order to create a space that can deepen the internal contact of users, we have a full insight into the changes of different enterprise organizations and the transformation of corporate culture under the new economy, and finally choose flexibility, interaction, affinity and sustainability as an important starting point for the spatial function design of epark (Garden Road Community).

Epark (Garden Road Community) maximizes and makes good use of the original facilities and old trees, making the new building rely on the spatial structure of the old factory building, and introducing a new way of design and construction, which not only enhances the vitality of the building, but also retains the cultural memory of the site.

"looking up at the starry sky, a cup of coffee absorbs cosmic energy. Look up at the stars and back in the wonders of the universePolygonnftgames. " We have designed a number of "informal spaces" in the space, such as water bars, shared area booths, private telephone booths and so on. Space users can find suitable seats outside their desks for work communication and communication at any time.

The diversified communication scene of somatosensory switching can not only make space users happy and efficient, but also stimulate a stronger spirit of cooperation among team members.

Maximize the introduction of natural light into the interior, adding temperature and comfort to the whole space, which is also an important product feature of epark (Garden Road Community).

There are roof gardens in the project, and many households enjoy exclusive courtyards and terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows and sunny skylights, forming a scarce new office complex characterized by garden ecology. Space users can directly access the courtyard and breathe fresh air from the exclusive passageway in the building, and they can also get an all-day view, touching and natural connection through the indoor sunny skylight.

In addition, epark (Garden Road Community) is also equipped with gymnasium, shower room, audio and video room, mother-to-child room and other supporting facilities to meet the diversified needs. This kind of commonweal space matching is because we strongly believe that materiality is important, but it is more important to pay attention to human temperature.

In the dimension of paying attention to the relationship between people, epark also holds community activities with different themes on a regular basis to continuously broaden the horizons of enterprises and individuals, inject creative vitality, share resources, and contribute to the sustainable development of enterprises.

Epark, as a boutique brand in the joint office industry, has actively participated in the wave of urban renewal and construction in Beijing since its establishment, continuously contributing to the sustainable development of the city.

At present, epark joint office space throughout Beijing Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Dongcheng District, Economic and technological Development Zone and other key areas of Beijing's main city, continue to provide an ideal office experience for enterprises of different sizes.

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